Mount Pelion

Hi Everyone! So today I bring you a little of my inner role player self…or at least when I used too. Long, long ago, I wanted to be this Bad Ass, rock’n the weapons warrior woman! Well I think this picture pretty much sums up my dreams. Maybe a little less battled but she’s ready to CHOP YOU UP!

Grab that coffee I need some Caffine!

What Blu is Wearing:

Please see it larger on my Flickr account ———->


Head:  Lelutka – Avalon (please see links to what I wear on my “what I wear mostly” tab)

Body: Legacy

Skin: Pepe Skins – Phae – for Lelutka X – wearing in Moonbeam

Hair: Monso – Hunkaa Hair – Wearing Mix&Pop


Outfit: *NEW*Goth1c0 – Shytill Dark – Rigged for Legacy, Maitreya, Ocacin, Slink, Tonic, Voluptuous, Fitmesh, Freya, Hourglass, Isis – Outfit includes: Sandals, Belt, Armor, leg Armor – Helmet is an additional purchase –  Available @ We Love Role Play – July 2021

Sword: *NEW*ED – Eagle Designs – Askya Sword Set – Includes Hand, Sheath, Hud for resizer, weapon for Roleplay and gives levels of damage, health, stamina, and tournament modes – Available @ We Love Role Play – July 2021

Body Tattoo: *NEW*Endless Pain Tattoos – Knutr – Includes Omega, Legacy and BOM Available @ We Love Role Play – July 2021

Face Cut: *NEW* Rekt Royalty – Fracture – Wearing Right Fresh, there is a left/faded, fresh and health options for both sides – for Lelutka EvoX – Available @ We Love Role Play – July 2021

Face tattoo: *NEW* LOA – Goddess Warpaint – 2nd time I used this BUTTTT I wanted to actually use the tattoo this time. Here is the other post HERE Available @ We Love Role Play – July 2021

Backdrop-ISH – *NEW* Jinx Mount Pelion – Comes with a rezzer, HUGE build, Walkable mountain with path, 3 waterfalls and internal caves too – about 140 Land Impact – Available @ We Love Role Play – July 2021

Pose:  All poses are created by me unless noted here

Well that’s it for today! I thank-YOU for reading,


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