Blu’s Designer & Events List

~Events I Blog for~

*Heads up* I will be closing my blog come 1 October 2021. It’s been very fun, but between my events and new things happening I will no longer be able to dedicate my time to my blog…I WILL be still be blogging, but by Flickr ONLY*

Just a little about me and my work ethic. I love to do photography, but HONESTLY….I like to keep my Designers list short. I know everyone says “Real Life Always” but sometimes blogging makes me feel like my LIFE is taking pictures of Second Life lol. I like free time, shopping and doing nothing sometimes. When I blog for too many Designers that’s what I feel like and blogging becomes work. *ick*

My Motto I try to live by. Support those that you love. Do YOUR best. Quality over Quantity. Be Freaking Honest no matter what (without being a total a-hole)

– In Alphabetical Order of Events –

~Second Life Shopping Events~

We Love Role Play – 4 – 30th Monthly
Access Shopping Event – 10 – 30th Monthly – inworld HERE
1 – 25 June 2021 – Cyber Fair OR Inworld: HERE