Hi Everyone~  Happy Hump Day!  *kicks up here heels.  Yes it’s mid-week and I thought I’d bring you another pretty skin and something slinky to get you in the mood to go out!  I mean who says you have to get all dressed up ONLY for the weekend?  *looks around.  This is Second Life (SL) after all.  You can get dressed up 24/7 and no-one and I do mean NO-1 will second guess what you are up too.  So, grab a coffee and get ready.  I have some pretties today!

What Blu is Wearing:



Head: Catya – Always Worn…mostly

Body: Maitreya – Always Worn…mostly

Skin: *NEW* WoW Skins Isea – Wearing Tone Milk OR WoW Marketplace

Hair: *NEW* DOUX – Fiona – Fades – w/color changing Hud


Gown: *NEW* PREY – Millionaire Dress comes w/color changing Hud – Rigged for Freya, Slink all, Isis, Lara, TMP, Venus – was at the Red Carpet event Check store!

Gloves:  HYPNOSE – My Long Gloves Bento – Rigged for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink All & TMP w/color changing Hud OR Hypnose Marketplace

Earrings: *NEW* Burial – Punja Earrings – Black – @ Limit8 Event only available here – no store yet

A closer look at the body applier wearing Tone Tan:



Windlights are using SL:  [AnaLu] AvatarOpt (Caliah) Whiter.  Here is Isea again in tones Milk, Bronze, Tan, Golden, Dark Tan, Caffe & *Dark Caffe *not shown* but there is an applier for it I just do not have it 😦 but please go to the store to check her out


Well that’s it for me today.  Thank-YOU For Reading.  Have a GREAT Day!





Hi Everyone!  Hope all is well.  Today is going to just be a short little shout out to check to make sure everyone is A-Ok :D.  I am trying a few new things with pictures, blog updates and what not so I’m kind of a work-in-progress at the moment.  I like to think I’m improving with every blog post, or that I’m trying to make it easier and better for you to read.  So this is always a WIP (Work in Progress) *Smiles*  So sit back and enjoy this short break.

Ya’ll have coffee?  Tea?  Soda?  Well grab it, I have mine.  *takes a sip.  Ok, Ok now that we have that all taken care of.  Today I have a pretty little thing for you.  I went shopping *gasp* I know, I know but I did and it was fun and I chatted with some really nice people and the lag was not even a bother.  It was at .Whimiscal. and they really did have some great little Gems there.  I had to get a few great swimsuits (below and coming up soon) just because it’s almost summer and they are a “must purchase”.  I’m sure they’ll be plastered all over Flickr too, but I needed it to show off my lovely skin today.  I mean I know this IS an adult site but we only want to see the “bits” when necessary right?  *winks* ok.  Enough!

What Blu is Wearing:

Aina Skin Tone 9:


I’m going to start showing body appliers as well with my skins as this shows you not just the faces, but the beautiful work the designers put into their bodies too!  This is Tone 3.



Head: Catya – Always Worn…mostly

Body: Maitreya – Always Worn…mostly

Skin: *NEW* Colivati Beauty. – Aina Applier – Catwa – wearing Tone 9 @ Equal 10

Hair: Vanity Hair – Catwa Shaved Base Applier – comes w/10 tones 2 thicknesses – Wearing tone 9 short or Vanity Hair Marketplace


Earrings: .Fashionism. – Metallic Tube Earrings – Gold

Bikini Top & Bottom: *NEW*  [The Forge] Cleo Bikini – Gold – Wearing Maitreya body @ .Whimiscal. Event

Necklace: -SECRETS-  Selena Body Jewelry – Gold for Maitreya

Belly Chain: La Sirena Boutique Marketplace – Seacrest Waist Chain for Maitreya w/texture change Hud

Eyes:  .euphoric ~Kenya Eyes for Catwa w/Hud

Here is another look at Aina side-by-side from lightest down to darkest tones 1 – 9


I’m using Windlights:  [AnaLu] AvatarOpt (Caliah) Whiter here.  Thank-you for allowing me to grow and do my thing.  If you do have comments or what not just leave them or email them to me.

Well that’s it for me today.

Thank-YOU For Reading.  Have a GREAT Day!


~Feed Your Head~

Hi Everyone!  Hope your weekend went nice and s.l.o.w.  What?  It went by to fast?  *kicks the weekend in the pants.  Does it not know that Monday is Never supposed to be here?  *snickers* But if it didn’t how would you ever be gifted the gift of reading my fun little 5 minute blog *flutters her lashes in playfulness.  See now, aren’t you glad that Monday is here now?  *hahahaha *runs for the hills.

Ok, Ok I get it.  Mondays suck!  But at least I can bring you some pretties, and some well needed humor to take your coffee this morning.  Bad mood?  No worries, just sit back and let me do the talking.  Today I wanted to do a little bit of  a spin on the Enchantment Event.  We know and adore Alice to be innocent, but well it’s me you are talking too after all.  I do like a little bit of a sinister side from time-to-time.  I mean what’s the point of always being good?  *hears angels sing from above. 

Oh yes, I do have a little devil on my shoulder and the name is my BFF Kristin.  The Idea was mine, but when I pair up with her she makes it better and MORE work for me.  So I present to you A LOT of work since I am Newer to PS (like only 9 months old) and I am still working on my skills and not so skills.  I know everyone says they “learn everyday” but this was like a LOT of layers and yeah a lot of photos.  So I was glad to just not get to lost.  I hope you like it and it’s ALLLLL available at Enchantment Event from 12 – 31 May 2018! Go!!!!

What Alice & Mad Hatter are Wearing:


Alice (aka Blu):

Head: – Catya – Always Worn…mostly   

Body: – Maitreya – Always Worn…mostly

Skin: Go&See – Katarina – Pale – Catwa but comes for Omega Go&See Marketplace

Hair: *NEW* Love  – Blondes w/Hud – comes w/two bow sizes – comes in Blondes, Brunettes, Ginger, Grayscale, Kawaii, Ombres Dips, Ombres Naturals, Pastels, Streaks, Variety  @ Enchantment Event


Panties: *NEW* 1313 Mockingbird Lane – Feed Your Head – *Gatcha*  Black Rare – Comes in Blue, Red, White and other phrases “Go Ask Alice, Off with Her Head, & Remember the Doormouse” @ Enchantment Event

Heels: *NEW* SLACKGIRL – AliePOP – rigged for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink @ Enchantment Event

Collar: *NEW* AsteroidBox. – Ruler of Hearts – rigged for Maitreya, Hourglass, & Unrigged to fit to you perfectly  w/color changing Hud @ Enchantment Event

Nipple Covers: erratic  – Crystal Pasties – Hearts – Maitreya only w/color changing Hud

Biscuit: evermore  – Eat me – w/texture menu option OR Evermore. Marketplace


Mad Hatter (aka Blu 2):

Head: – for ease of reading skin and head are the same here for both girls

Body: same as above

Skin: same as above

Complete outfit (Minus Boots): Boudoir  – Miss MadHatter – Standard Sizing XS – L but I’m wearing her on Maitreya – wearing sizing M – boots didn’t fit right, so I opted for below option but the outfit is still super nice and looks great and it came with hair!  Outfit does come with Boots, Chest ribbon, Hat or hat w/hair belt, corset w/jacket, mini skirt & rabbit (not pictured) OR Boudoir Marketplace

Boots: [HDB]  – Shiny Thigh Boots – Rigged for Maitreya, Slink all, TMP and comes with leg lights for optimal shine OR [DHB] Marketplace

Lipstick:*NEW*  Shiny Stuff – Go Ask Alice – Catwa – 40 colors to choose from! @ Enchantment Event

Eyeshadow: *NEW* Shiny Stuff – Madly Beautiful – Catwa –  lashes, eyeliner/shadow and cheek tattoo Hud @ Enchantment Event

Decor: *NEW* Boomerang  – Dark Alice *Gacha* Set – Dark Alice Mushroom Table, Wonderland Chess Pieces, Cards, Clock, Drink Me Bottle, Wonderland Flowers (not pictured), Frames, Wonderland I’m late Wall Decor (not pictured), This way Sign, Wonderland Wing Back Chair *Rare* @  Enchantment Event

I don’t typically do Decor because I’m always nervous how to display them.  I mean, yes I do decorate my own SL house, but I’m NO decorator by any means.  But I really liked this set and the designer was nice enough to let me have both sets.  We’ll see if I can do the other in these few days to come.

Well that was a LOT for me today.  Thank-YOU For Reading and have a GREAT Day!


~Red Queen~

Hi Everyone~  I hope your day is going well.  I’ve been chugging along.  Trying to find the time in my day to go to all the events.  Seems everyday there are more (which is wonderful) but unfortunately I don’t get to each of them these days.  IF I do…I consider it a blessing for my shopping experience because it’s typically at the end of the event…*whomppp whompp* I know!  O’well less lag for me!  Today’s look is from the Enchantment Event.  What?  You still haven’t gone!  *waves a naughty finger at you.  Tisk, tisk young one.  You must go…I insist!  You have until the 31st of May!  Have you been seeing all the Wonderful pictures everyone’s been posting to Enchantment Flickr?  Go on now, go get yourself some pretties and show us what you’re made of.  *Snickers.

What Blu is Wearing:


Head: Catya – Always Worn…mostly

Body: Maitreya – Always Worn…mostly

Skin: *YS & YS – Immortal – Catwa – No brow worn – Wearing Eye makeup from included makeup Hud as well OR *YS&YS* Marketplace

Hair: *NEW* booN  – Lab.083 – Colorful – w/Materials @ Enchantment Event


Dress: *NEW* Silvan Moon Designs – Iracebeth Of Crims Gown Set (Jacket/dress) – comes in Green, Purple, Red, Royal, Teal, White – & Rigged for Classic, Slink all, Maitreya @ Enchantment Event 

Earrings: *NEW* ERSCH – Hearts Earrings 2 w/Hud @ Enchantment Event

Lipstick:*NEW* Zibska – Ventura Lips f/Catwa but comes for Lelutka & Omega @ Enchantment Event

Scepter & Crown: AMU Marketplace – The Queens Mace & The Queens Crown!

I hope you liked her.  I love evil queens.  I have some more not so nice looks coming up!  Well that’s it for me today.  Thank-YOU For Reading.  Have a GREAT Day!



Hi Everyone!  It’s my Saturday and I felt like doing a blog for the guys today.  Reason mostly is because I am using my Rel to blog a new clothing line called Treized Designs.  I was not the first to come about this information.  I had heard about them from my Niece Nickie which you’ve heard me talk about before.  But, I went to their store and really liked the clothes that they were putting out.  1.  Because you know I complain that there are not a lot of male clothing items out in our Second Life world.  It’s getting better, but it can get MUCH better.  So, when I went to the store and I jumped at the opportunity to blog for their items.  I hope I do their items a service as I think their designs are very unique, everyday and to trend.  So you can go there and get a little bit of everything.  That’s what I liked about them.

With this look I am a Real Life (RL) lover of all things vintage, so this is a bit of my RL coming out more so than my SL coming out here.  But, I wanted to get this outfit out because I think just because it has a nod to vintage, you could very much accessories it to be trendy.

What Rel is Wearing:


Head: Daniel – Rel’s Info

Body: Gianni – Rel’s Info

Skin: *Birth* – Ryu – Wearing Tone 4 – Comes in 9 Tones for Catwa OR *Birth* Marketplace

Hair: Just the hair applier that comes with the skin in brown

Accessories: *NEW* Treized Designs – Joseph Dawson Outfit- Beret, Tie, Vest, Shirt, Pants, Shoes, Buttons all rigged for standard XS – XL, Gianni, Jake, Aesthetic, Slink, Adam and TMP OR  Treized Designs Marketplace

This outfit comes with shoes as well, but I couldn’t get them to fit into my picture, they are super nice and you’ll be glad you got the complete outfit. There is a color/texture Hud for each item on the outfit w/materials.  

My Awesome Ride!! is from [FIX AUTO] Marketplace – 0007 cord 812 Beverly and comes with a Hud to change colors and YES you can drive her.  She’s affordable too!  I ❤ some cars in SL!

Cigarette:  [NikotiN] – Cuba Premium – V4

Well that’s it for me today.

Thank-YOU For Reading.  Have a GREAT Day!



Hi Everyone.  I hope all is well today.  I didn’t do a post yesterday, mostly because I was suffering from a Migraine.  Gosh I can’t stand when I have them.  So today I’m trying to make up and do my post from yesterday.  So I’m officially behind and trying to get caught up and make up time.  I try not to let that bother me, but it does because I have so many creators that depend on me and I honestly want to do MY best to get their amazing products out.  They always say, “First Life always”, but I have to admit, I always feel a bit guilty for feeling sick or taking time off.  *Signs*

Anyways, no-one wants to hear me complain, you all came to see my pretties I have to present to you today.  It’s a different look for PREY.  They are trying a few casual looks to keep day-to-day life interesting, so that it what I am presenting as well as a really nice skin from WoW.

What Blu is Wearing Today:




Head: Catya – Always Worn…Mostly

Body: Maitreya – Always Worn…Mostly

Skin: *NEW* .::WOW::. – Laika & Shape *included* – Wearing in Tan for Catwa OR .::WoW::. Marketplace

Hair: Truth – Polly – Brunette – w/stylist Hud OR Truth Marketplace


Since I was going for a minimalist look earrings were left off intentionally this time 😀

Complete outfit by PREY: *NEW* – Serena – Jacket, Joggers & Shoes included w/Hud to change your pants words on back of waist or pant leg OR PREY Marketplace although newer items are not on MP yet.

This is a closer look of the skin taken in Second Life’s Windlights:  [AnaLu] AvatarOpt (Caliah) Whiter.  Here is Laika in Milk, Tan, Dark Tan, Golden, & Caffee


Oh I almost forgot!  The awesome scene that is in our background is from marina bay shop Marketplace and I just thought it was super cute and a great place to be harassed at!!!

Well that’s it for me today.

Thank-YOU For Reading.  Have a GREAT Day!





~Slips into the Rabbit Hole~

Hi Everyone!  I hope everyone’s day is going well so far.  Today went by super fast and super crazy for me.  People were over, kids included, and after school there was swimming and it felt like it was Summer even though it’s not supposed to be officially Summer for another couple of weeks.  Talk about HOT.  YIKES!  It was an escape for sure and one I was sure happy to have open and ready outside my door.  Guess it was a good thing to have it opened up early this year.  Yeah me!

Back to Second life were the temperature can be whatever I dream it to be.  Speaking of Dream like…Have you headed over to the Enchantment Event yet?  It’s running for a short bit of time, from 12 – 31 May and I promise you, you will be glad you did.  I got some pretties to show you today, now sit back, grab some coffee and take a peek.

What Blu is Wearing:



Body: Maitreya – Always Worn…mostly

Skin: *New* A R T E – Tone Pink – F/Catwa & Maitreya @ Enchantment Event


Rabbit Hole: *NEW* MoonLight_Shadow – *Rare Gatcha Rabbit hole w/color Hud & dirt /stone changes  @ Enchantment Event

Rabbits: *NEW* MoonLight_Shadow – Rabbits Family X 2 (just made a copy) comes in 4 colors total @ Enchantment Event

Tree:  *NEW* Titans – This Way That Way w/Signs – comes w/out signs as well @ Enchantment Event

Heels: *NEW* Eudora – Alice Pumps – comes in a Hud/FatPack option and fitted for Maitreya @ Enchantment Event

Stockings: *NEW* Eudora  – Alice Socks – comes in a Hud/FatPack option and fitted for Maitreya @ Enchantment Event

Dress: *NEW* Maddict  –  Alice Dress  – w/FatPack option and fitted for Freya, Hourglass, Physique, Isis and Maitreya @ Enchantment Event

Pose: *NEW* {NANTRA}  Down the Rabbit Hole 2M – @ Enchantment Event

I would like to give a huge Thank-YOU to my BESTIE Kristin Wetherby.  She had this mesh Avatar and I Used to have her too, but sometime ago I got a little bit delete happy.  She still had her and put her on and I made the pose for her and…WWWWAHHH_-Laahh a great scene in my opinion.

Bentham Manor – Alice White Rabbit Rigged Mesh  –  An Older item and I can’t find it on Marketplace anymore :*(

I know you don’t see the dress that much, but it’s really cute and I have plans to show her later…I couldn’t fall naked after all.

Well that’s it for me now.  I hope to see you back here later this week.   I have more items to show you.  I hope you love Alice-In-Wonderland as much as I do.  I have some interesting looks brewing up in my head.

*Waves.  Thank-YOU for reading and see you soon!