Hi Everyone! Today’s picture are from a few of my Designers today that I just HAD to blog. It helped that I had a little bit of time (in-between packing, a sick kid and inspectors) to do this picture. It took me about 3 days to do but at least I got it done. I really wanted to do the picture and it was a nice distraction between my RL and SL world that I needed today.

If you are not aware. I lived in Japan for 5 years. loved every minute of it and I still carry a love for their lifestyle, their sense of family and support you always saw when talking to them. Even when I tried speaking my very broken up Japanese they were always so happy that I even tried. Very sweet people and so happy to have had that experience.

What Blu is Wearing:

See it larger on my Flickr ———–>>>


Head:  Lelutka – Fleur (please see links to what I wear on my “what I wear mostly” tab)

Body: Maitreya

Hair: Wasabi – Maite Mesh Hairs – Using the basic color Hud

Shape: *NEW*Nemmesea Doll Shapes – Blog – Created for Lelutka Fleur & Legacy *worn* and also there is a version for Lelutka Lilly – Brow/shape, body physics are included in your purchase – Stylecard – Marketplace

I don’t typically blog shapes, but Nemmesea is my friend and I love how long and lean she makes her Avatars. Very beautiful and it’s a talent I love seeing her do. Please take a look at her shop for her beautiful creations


Drums Attachment: *NEW*Lanevo – Shinyakuraiko Drum – Fatpack includes options for Drum Shells, read wheel, front wheel, single color options, speed control, pallet drums and big drum scripting – Ball speed 6 speeds – Available @ Kagami from 18 Feb – 28 March 2021

Kimono: *NEW*Silvery K – Kimono Mesh (gasha – dokuro) – Rigged for Maitreya only but I wore with my legacy body and worked fine – Fatpack includes kimono w/auto hide (maitreya), shoes and stole feathers – Huds for Shoes, Kimono, stoles in black or white – Available @ Kagami from 18 Feb – 28 March 2021

Pose:  All poses are created by me unless noted here

Ahhh this outfit made me feel like a Win!!! It’s so pretty, so many options and just beautifully done. The drums attachment has a Hud you can control pretty much everything, how it moves, the speed, the color.

Go! Go now and go take a look.

I thank-you for letting me write up this random blog. There maybe more randomness soon. Not 100% sure but I’ll see what I can pinch in from time to time.

*throws glitter*


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